become who you want to be

Overcome limitations, regulate your nervous system, release emotions and redefine yourself.

Our intensive intimate women's self-discovery and healing retreat creates the space and resources you need to truly heal from the inside out.


This is for me!

Welcome to REVIVE, the ultimate healing retreat.


Location: St. George, UT

Dates: February 21-25, 2024

By now you've figured out that you will never successfully outrun your past experiences, and the destruction of projecting your hurt is no longer acceptable to you. This is why I created REVIVE, a true self-discovery and healing experience full of emotional release and regulation, practical tools to work with your nervous system, and lasting transformation in the ways you choose to view everything about everyday life. 

When you put yourself in this environment of powerful coaching, vulnerability, release and growth, your mind is forced to upgrade quickly because belonging is our basic human need. 

I know I am meant to coach you through the very things I learned and now live our daily.

Do you want to know how to safely face your pain? How about being able to truly laugh at the days ahead? Do you crave the knowledge to know who you are at the most foundational level?

Do you feel the exhaustion of running and carrying what you never learned to release?

I know that feeling, oh so well.

The exhaustion you feel taints your perspective of what needs to be done and who needs you to show up. The things you prayed for that are sitting in front of you today, haven't felt your true embrace because the past still has its strong hold on you. 

All of your shame of what you have done and what has happened to you drives you into the ground and feels impossible to escape.

I have exhausted myself from the running and being weighed down with the shame.

Are you ready to face your past fearlessly, declare who you truly are and give purpose to the pain you endured? 

Are you ready to look at all that you have in front of you now with a true embrace of who you are and how worthy you are of the love and goodness in your life? 

I want that for you. I will teach you how to use who you truly are to live the life you want. You deserve to finally release the past and heal your pain, instead of continuously reliving it.

I create the space for you to laugh through the healing, cry through the feelings and feel completely embraced by other women that are growing alongside you. I can coach you for three full days and take you there.

Are you ready?

REVIVE is our full three day fast track to emotional release, regulation, and renewed energy!

This Retreat will


  • Provide the safe space

    for you to fully understand why you do what you do, what past experiences have been a source of ongoing hurt, shame and misalignments for you, and how to fully heal into who you want to be.  
  • Teach you real tools

    from emotional performance, release and nervous system regulation- these are REAL components of your health and daily life. We will equip you with the tools you can use to remain regulated AND teach your entire family, too!
  • Nurture¬†lifelong friendships

    with women that get it. While in a vulnerable community of self-discovery and healing, your most authentic self can be revived and you will learn how to show up boldly in your everyday life. 
  • Take you further

    than you have ever been before so you can heal what you've never been able to reach. This healing work will bring full release to the mental and emotional weight that has kept you locked in on negative thought patterns and cycles that you have been wanting to break. 
  • Align your mind and body

    using powerful self-discovery and healing work, breath work practices, sound experiences, yoga sessions, guided meditations to go deeper, and full embodiment of who you have always wanted to be. 
  • Increase your self-worth and authenticity

    through coaching, community, vulnerability and gentle healing work that flows so gracefully through you. This is where you get to redefine who you are and believe you have been.
  • Be the all-inclusive growth experience

    providing housing, food, coaching, yoga, breath work, inner child healing, sound work, journaling, meditation, activities, gifts and so much more. Leave every worry behind once you are at REVIVE and truly focus on you.

 It is time to release who you are no longer meant to be. 

I am honored to host our third REVIVE Retreat.

This retreat has been a dream of mine as I have poured myself into coaching thousands of women in the last five years. I've taken in the powerful stories of hardship, felt the pain of other women, and shared my own along the way, and then provided guidance through their healing just like I have done. 

I am called to do this work and it is a complete honor to serve women in this way. I knew that one day I could bring us together in an intimate way that would further your journey of self-discovery and healing, and this is it. 

Pursuing my own self-discovery and healing journey has truly been the best decision I have ever made and has given everyone in my life the greatest gift I could- the real me. I want you to experience this total freedom and that is what you will gain at this retreat. This retreat will REVIVE you.

I have full faith that you will be there if it is meant for you and that the team of incredible women I have gathered will be your ticket to healing. The light of this retreat will overcome any darkness you are feeling.

Tessa Romero

Become who you want to be for you and your family.

REVIVE includes 12 weeks of group coaching in Tessas signature course Mind Body Alignment this New Years 2024 leading up to the 5 days of deeper healing and release work at REVIVE. 

February 21-25, 2024 

St. George, UT

6 Monthly Payments 




A One-Time Payment 



Meet Your Retreat Coaches

Tessa Romero

Womens Alignment Coach, Creator of both Mind Body Alignment and the Alignment Journaling Course

I believe in healing our life experiences so we no longer project our hurt onto the people we love most. The way you feel is valid and we have space for that here. It is time to truly feel the feelings, allow them to pass and free your mind from the destructive thought patterns. 

After battling low self-worth, anger and shame, I have taken my childhood trauma and hardship and found my own unique way to heal- that journey is how I created Mind Body Alignment and now, REVIVE- this retreat.

I have been through this work and I still use everything I teach in my life, today. This work has absolutely changed me as a person and allowed me to become who I truly want to be, no matter the circumstances. 

My family means everything to me and they are the reason I began doing my own inner work in the first place. It was one thing for me to live with the anger and shame, but I found it to be unacceptable for me to project it on to them. I knew I needed to change and I am so grateful I took the scary first steps into this work and grew it into a shining light for others to follow.

I know women can be who they want to be NOW during these beautiful seasons of our lives. I believe that we are all capable of healing our hurt when we have the right skills, tools and environment to do so. It is my mission to lead a movement of healing that shines a new kind of self empowerment and positivity in our everyday lives. 

 Natty Lewis

After studying human behavior for years ‚ÄĒ why people start, but don‚Äôt finish, why some people experience debilitating anxiety while others seem to have higher resilience, what actually makes a high-achieving person capable of success ‚ÄĒ Natty partnered with a Non-profit organization and together, combined 24 years of research and proven results to develop a framework designed to increase your emotional performance and ascend beyond success. She has become a published author and has spoken in over 28 countries around the world to over a million people. All the while, She's worked with thousands of individuals to see transformational change and she can‚Äôt wait to work with you! Natty is a loving wife and mom of 4 amazing kids, ages 10-21.¬†

Tera Landry

Tera Landry here! I am thrilled to be able to use my purpose to empower those around me. Creating a positive and uplifting environment for women to open up and feel safe. Helping guide them to see their true purpose and uncover the most authentic version of themselves.
I want the women who come to revive to feel connected and valued. I am ready to help create a space to laugh, cry, release anger and resentment they might hold onto.
For them to leave having HOPE!
Excited and ready to take back their life. Knowing exactly who they are. No matter what. Having skills and tools to take on the hard circumstances when they come.
I can’t wait to meet you all in person and give you the biggest hug! 

 Tiffany Florio

My name is Tiffany Florio. I am so excited for the opportunity to meet and guide you at REVIVE! It is an honor to be called on to share what I love with others. To share a little about myself, I live in Darien, Connecticut, a suburb of New York City. I’m a mom to three young daughters (6, 4 and 2) who keep me active and on the move. In juggling the busy day-to-day that comes with motherhood, I realized I needed to make my own health and wellbeing a priority. I’ve since found a true passion in practicing breathwork.

As a certified Somatic Release Breathwork‚ĄĘ practitioner, I work with clients 1:1 and in group settings to regulate the nervous system through an active focus on breathing. I started my practice to empower others by putting them in control of their own wellbeing journeys. In time, breathwork helps to heal trauma, find purpose, improve sleep, support immunity, release stress, and strengthen focus, ultimately to bring the body and mind back to alignment. I love that breathwork is so accessible; everyone can do it. I like to say that there is no right or wrong way to breathe, but learning to do it in this focused way can be transformative. I look forward to sharing more of my story and showing you how breathwork can support your self-discovery and healing.

Ashley Emerick

REVIVE Testimonial

Alyssa Simmons

REVIVE Testimonial

Michelle Herron

REVIVE Testimonial

Jessica Cleghorn

REVIVE Testimonial

Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll today:

REVIVE Retreat

2024 is the year of your REVIVAL

  • Lifetime Access to the Signature 12 Week Course Mind Body Alignment¬†New Years 2024 that begins on January 1,¬†2024
  • Alignment Journaling and MOMMY Mindset Courses
  • Five¬†Days of Self-Discovery & Healing Coaching with Tessa.¬†February 21-25, 2024 in St. George, UT
  • 1:1 session¬†leading up to¬†REVIVE
  • ¬†Group Coaching Sessions with Tessa and the help of several other powerful coaches there to support you during this transformation.¬†Yoga, Breath Work and Emotional Release Activities.¬†You will feel seen, heard and supported by our team.
  • Exclusive Retreat Only Coaching Experience and¬†Resources¬†
  • Luxury Housing and All Food Prepared by Our Private Chef Included

All inclusive Self-Healing Retreat: $7,200

 Your hurt, pain and limiting beliefs will all be transformed into your new strength, peace and purpose. 

February 21-25, 2024 in St. George, UT

Attendees arrive the afternoon of February 21st and departure will be the morning of February 25th.

REVIVE includes enrollment in the 12 week course Mind Body Alignment this New Years 2024 as well as the Alignment Journaling and MOMMY Mindset Courses.

6 Monthly Payments 




A One-Time Payment 



What to Expect  

Arrival 2/21/2024

Welcome to the Retreat

Once you arrive at the retreat in St. George, UT within the 2pm-4pm arrival window, you will be greeted by Tessa and the coaches. Our team will warmly welcome you into the home, help you find a bed in our bunk rooms, and immediately begin your powerful retreat experience. Once the group of 16 women have all arrived, we will have a welcome ceremony led by Tessa, followed by a Welcome Dinner from our private award winning chef. We will rest up for full days of healing ahead!

Full Days One - Three  2/22/2024 - 2/24/2024

Emotional Release, Identity Work, Individual and Group Coaching

Our days are intentionally filled with group coaching where important concepts and skills are taught and practiced. We will have emotional release exercises including yoga and breathwork sessions. Identity work through group and individual coaching will be central to our purposes at REVIVE. 

Intentional journaling and application time has been set aside for the maximizing of your REVIVE experience. 

Opportunities to rest, lift and be lifted by other amazing women, and a few surprises just for you are in store. 

These days are full of every bit of instruction, support, and goodness that your REVIVAL will require. 

Departure Day    2/25/2024

Hug Your Sisters Until Next Time

The warmest embrace from each of your new found sisters to wish each other well and feel completely excited in the growth that has taken place and that which is to come as we all head safely home. 

Watch the REVIVE Experience Video

Every single attendee of ours experienced a total transformation at REVIVE and we got to capture some of that in this video. Are you are still wondering if this is possible for YOU? Can you really be the one that becomes crystal clear in who you are, what you want and experience the release of YEARS of heavy emotional baggage melt away from you? Listen to this video to find out.

Claim Your REVIVAL

Still considering REVIVE Retreat?


 This is the chance you have been waiting for to...

  • Immerse yourself

    in a beautiful group of women that are all focused on self-discovery and healing work with you. 

  • Release past hurt

    as you make peace with your story, enrich your perspective and gain your divine wisdom that you so deeply deserve.  
  • Own your story

    so it no longer owns you. Powerfully decide what your true direction is in your life. 
  • Learn powerful skills and tools

    like how to be who you want to be no matter the circumstances, overcoming your self-sabotage, navigating difficult relationships, turning your past pain into your new purpose and having the utmost pride for who you are and unwavering self-worth.

Be one of the 16 women to experience their REVIVAL.


REVIVE includes enrollment in the 12 week group coaching course Mind Body Alignment this New Years 2024. You can coach with Tessa in our 12 week course leading up to REVIVE and meet together half way through. This is an unforgettable experience and will be the true REVIVAL of your life. 

February 21-25, 2024 

St. George, UT

6 Monthly Payments 




A One-Time Payment


One Time Payment