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Effective Date: November 1, 2021

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MOMMY Mindset Course

Welcome to the MOMMY Mindset Course. 

This is where you Raise Your Words and become the one that is able to look for and create the good in your home, as the mommy you want to be. 

The narrative of motherhood has caused a stray away from what it is meant to be and into negative mindsets and victim mentalities. I know you are ready to overcome that and get back to your natural harmonious role as a mommy that sets the tone of your home and is filled with peace and belonging. 

MOMMY Mindset Course is composed of Five powerful modules that have video coaching, packed pdf material and downloadable audio files for you to listen to while on a walk with your kids. 

M is for Motherly: 

This module is about bringing an intentional identity into your motherhood. The common narrative is "mothers are exhausted" and there is a reason they say "mother" and not "mommy." Mommy's set the tone, care for themselves and serve their family from their heart. A mommy has an observant eye, soft touch, ears of compassion and a sense of rich gratitude about her. This module equips you to know who you are, who your kids are and what you truly want. 

O is for Opportunity: 

Your mind loves to have a job and it has likely taken on the job of looking for problems. Has your mind become very efficient at looking for inconvenience and problems? That search for problems leaves you feeling exhausted and defeated at every turn. The "Opportunity" module will renew your mind to naturally see opportunity in the face of difficulty so you can be soft, be slow and remain empowered. 

M is for Mindful: 

You need to know the mental foundational tools that keep you mindful, responsive and receptive to your circumstances. This module will gently guide you through the practical conditioning it takes to create a mindful life. 

M is for Magnify:

Naturally, we see what we look for and what we look for becomes magnified. There IS good in you, your home and family right now, and "Magnify" will teach your mind how to be the one that looks for and creates more good in your family. You will finally feel peaceful and patient because your mind has new tools to implement and evidence to support the positive growth you desire. 

Y is for Yes: 

We live in a word drowning in negative contractions and thoughts. So strongly focused on what kids can't do, what you don't want, what won't work and a big ol' "no!" to the basic requests you receive. This module is about language and how and when you can reserve "no" for when it is truly important- because it IS and it's up to us to protect that power. You will instantly feel relief bringing this new intentional programming into your everyday mindset, life and family. The best bonus of all is how you will naturally be teaching those around you a fresh renewed way of communicating that leaves you feeling giddy as they pick it up. You can feel proud of what you are teaching! 

Course Deliverables

You get lifetime access to this course to continue learning the tools and sharpening your skills. It is great to revisit the lessons and you have full freedom to do do. 

This course is designed to successfully teach you the tools in a self-paced model that is most ideal over a 5 week period. That would mean one new module each week whenever you do the course. We offer 5 week group coaching sessions throughout the year with certified Momset coaches. 

Each module has three lessons for a total of fifteen lessons throughout the course. 

Each lesson is delivered in a beautiful video module to teach the tool followed by packed pdf material to continue enriching the tool in your mind, examples of how to do it and visual reminders to have in your home. You will find a downloadable audio file for each lesson so you can keep the practice going even while out on a walk or driving for school pick-up. This course is designed to serve the mommy of today- you.