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Disclaimer: The information provided in this course is for educational purposes only and is not intended to be substituted for professional medical advice.

Effective Date: November 1, 2021

I understand that Mind Body Alignment and Tessa Romero do not replace the valuable help of seeking out a mental health professional and the information provided in this course is for education and development purposes only and will not be used a medical advice.

It is illegal to copy, share or distribute Mind Body Alignment course work pdfs, video modules and material within the course. All course material is for the individual personal use of each client to work on themselves.

If you love Mind Body Alignment please recommend the course to your friends and family without distributing the course material.


As noted above, the total Fees for the Course are as follows: $1,680 (One Thousand Six Hundred and Eighty US dollars). A monthly fee of $140 (one hundred Forty US dollars) will be due every 30 days for 12 months until the total balance of $1,680 has been fulfilled.

The entirety of the Fees are due and payable upon your registration in the Course. A payment plan or discount code may be offered by the course administrator. 

Mind Body Alignment Spring Payment Plan

Coaching dates are April 1- June 22, 2024

This is the last group coaching session with Tessa of 2024! This coaching includes all new course materials in Tessa's signature course Mind Body Alignment. 

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What you'll get:

  • 90 Minute Coaching Session Once Weekly With Tessa Romero via Zoom and Saved for Replay
  • NEW 12 Week Mind Body Alignment Course Delivered to You One Module at a Time. (lifetime access!)
  • Private Facebook Coaching Community for 12 Weeks of live coaching and interaction
  • Additional Support in the Facebook Group From a Certified Coach and Tessa Romero, so you can ask questions and get support all week long
  • Immediate Access to the Bonuses for students
  • 5 Modules covering your Identity, Mindset, Shame, Self-Love and  Tools
  • Over 38 NEW Lessons to walk you through the modules building your roadmap
  • NEW Downloadable pdf material for guided journaling exercises with each lesson
  • Weekly 1:1 coaching in the group sessions with Tessa Romero
  • Twice Monthly Live Breathwork Session with Tiffany Florio to help you regulate your nervous system and release stored emotions.
  • Additional daily support from Tessa and the trust certified MOMSET Coaches
  • Additional Student Bonuses
  • Feel lighter, brighter and like the real YOU again. 

This program is intended for personal development and self help categories and is not designed to replace advice from a medical health professional or replace the valuable work found in speaking with a mental health professional.

What People Are Saying:

I have seen change rooted so deeply from this course and patterns of control, blaming, and criticism that have marked my personality in the past are changing. I have entered into a community that feels safe and encouraging in a way that truly serves what I’m capable of instead of leaving me stuck and bitter or entitled. I’m confident that I can be the wife and mom I want to be no matter the circumstances. My husband, kids, and myself were very sick for the last 2 weeks of the program and I saw myself reacting to a hard situation differently without thinking about it— I was thankful and trusting our bodies, looking for what I was learning about myself and our family, trusting of my husband’s ability to care for the kids alone, and asking for what I needed instead of being mad I wasn’t getting it. I even talk with someone every day from MBA and we are going to be meeting this month!!!


This course has been life changing. It taught me to listen to my feeling and question them in a way to figure out why I was thinking and doing the way I was. It opened my eye to my victim mentality and how to overcome it. It changed my mindset on many things and people. It improved my relationship with my husband, my mother and most importantly, myself. I learned to love myself and that I am worth it. Thank you Tessa


I signed up for Mind Body Alignment hoping it would be the "missing piece" in my healing journey. What I didn't expect, was to uncover so many pieces I was missing and then to be given the tools through Mind Body Alignment to heal each of them. This community is a gift and it's been great to learn from other's vulnerability. I'm so grateful to Tessa who believed in herself, which led to her believing in us, which led to us believing in us.


I walked into MBA with shame, deep hurt, trauma, and questioning my worth. I walked out of MBA an empowered, strong, secure woman who knows who I am and that I am healing. It was the single best investment I ever made - the investment into my health and empowerment.


Tessa speaks her beautiful truth & shows us all the way. She shows us what we are capable of and provides the roadmap of how to get there, we just need to sketch the way ourselves. I have found my confident, beautiful, joyful, vibrant self and I am holding onto to her so tight. Tessa’s knowledge, passion, love and courage shine through her effortlessly and shines a light on all of us. With this course, I have saved myself, for me, my son and my husband. But Tessa showed me the way.


Amazing guided self discovery and coaching of past trauma I didn’t even know I had, how to become the best version of me I have always dreamed of being, how to elongate what no longer serves me, build boundaries and reconnect with my loved ones. Truly an amazing, deep, hard and very worthy journey. This course literally saved my marriage and gave me so much more I didn’t know I needed. And it’s not just 12 weeks, I have these tools to apply to everyday of my life going forward! Thanks Tessa.


This isn't my first group coaching program but it was the first I was blown away by the coach's knowledge. Tessa is incredibly smart and such a good coach. I'll admit I was a little skeptical going into it since I only knew of her through 30 second reels but her knowledge is incredible. I catch her in my head all day long. She has a gift of being able to take a concept and breaking it down in a way that is easy to understand.


Tessa is an absolute angel on earth. This course has helped me identify triggers, shame, and numbing I didn't even know existed. I've become a better mom, and am more capable of slowing down for my kids now instead of always being in a rush. Tessa is working miracles!


Mind body is a freeing experience. I have been flourishing since starting the course and am a mom I could only once dream of! Tessa does a great job of easing you into deep end where it’s YOU; You are your biggest obstacle. Once there, the weight is lifted and you blossom.


This course has been radical and life changing for me. The content was easily consumed and made sense. The fellowship with the other women and the Facebook group was helpful. Tessa is absolutely walking in her calling by lifting up and supporting women through this.


There will never be enough words to express how truly grateful I am for this course. It COMPLETELY changed my life in 12 weeks! I feel like the calm, confident mama I've always wanted to be to my girls and know that I can handle absolutely anything that comes my way! I will forever be thankful for the tools Tessa has given me to work through any hard things that arise in my life. Through Tessa and Kelsey's (along with Jesus:)) work, I have healed 20 years worth of trauma that was unknowingly stored in my body and that right there is worth all the money in the world for me! Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Life-changing. This course has given me the tools and the confidence to show up as the mother I have always strived to be. There was a piece missing in my life and I found it in this course. Tessa is an absolutely amazing coach, and friend. She’s passionate and driven to help change the narrative in motherhood and to bless coming generations. Words can’t describe what I took from this course. Every women needs to be part of it!


I don't even know how to put this experience into words. I went into MBA thinking I would learn a few new tools or different perspectives on how to live a happier more fulfilled life but this was so much more than that. I learned so much about myself and I feel like I've barely scratched the surface. I am so grateful to Tessa for the amazing tools she shared with us and also for the community. This was such a sacred, safe space for me throughout the 12 week journey!


The course has helped me grow into a better version of myself. I’m thankful to have invested in myself. I love that I have access to the course materials and 1:1 zoom calls. I know this course has better served me and my family.